T.L.C.-Fishers Connections

Connecting to God: Everything must be born out of prayer and worship. Opportunities must be constantly created to provide a connection with our Creator. Corporate, individual and lifestyle prayer is the lifeblood of any successful ministry.

Connecting with Other Believers: Public worship was a vital part of the first century church and must be an important of what we do as a church. Even though the service should be very inviting and impressive to guests our primary focus is on worship to God, a Word to believers and ministry to anyone in need. If we preach Jesus and expect the Word to bring change in lives it will. It is the Spirit of God and the Word of God that brings a desire to be changed to be like Him.

Connecting with Un-Believers: We must follow the example of Jesus and use our influence with unbelievers to lead them to a relationship with Him. This world needs real, imperfect humans touching their world with life. Through small groups, outreach events, social club ministries, missions and just our lives we can create opportunities to reach our friends and families for Christ.

Connecting for Fellowship and Growth: Small groups are a very basic part of what we see in the first church. Our vision must be 20/20 (Acts 20:20). They met publicly and from house to house. There is nothing that can replace small groups for creating an atmosphere to grow in and develop covenant relationships.

Connecting with Technology : Along with the convenience and pleasure technology affords us comes an opportunity to better connect with our world for the purpose of sharing the Good News of Jesus.


Connecting with Community Based Organizations: